I was born in London to an English mother and Jewish American father. Together with my identical twin sister, I spent my first years crisscrossing the US as our parents searched for a place to call home. The ten-year road-trip was an exhilarating adventure of encountering new places and faces punctuated by inevitable grief of farewell. But those tumbleweed years must also have kindled my wanderlust.

Although I grew up in the US with English as my first language, I always knew I was from “somewhere else.” Spending most of my twenties as a new immigrant in Israel, as well as living in the French immigrant Jewish community reinforced my identity as a newcomer at heart. I’m still learning the lessons of my own search for home and belonging which has come to mean not so much a place on a map, as the enduring relationships formed on the journey.

I hold a BA in women’s studies, an MA in career development, along with languages studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  As the principal of LifeWork Careers for over twenty years, I have enjoyed helping hundreds of diverse clients pursue their own passions in life and work.

My husband and I share a blended family of four grown children, eight grandkids, and a far flung extended family beyond our current home in Albany, California.  When I’m not practicing the art and craft of creative writing, I enjoy swimming, river rafting, yoga, singing, cooking, and traveling.